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A3-60-60-60-T-1600 is top version of A3 series of 3-layer co-extrusion film blowing machines. The last generation machine is capable to produce wide range of polymer 3-layer film by the most flexible and universal method co-extrusion of 3 independent layers of polymer into tubular sleeve upwards with further stretching and cooling the sleeve by air and winding on roll with or without longitudinal cutting.

Flexibility is achieved by variation of film thickness, perimeter of sleeve and roll sizes, types of wound rolls (tubular, flat, semi-tubular, gusseted). Film mechanical properties depend on rate of stretching at the last second of sleeve stiffening. Stretching in longitudinal (machine direction, MD) and circumference (transfer direction, TD) is defined by the form of the sleeve and may be controlled to provide desired combination of orientation in both directions so the properties of film may be maintained.

Available film structures: ABC (typical), ABA, ABB, AAB, AAA. Combination of layers noticeably increase mechanical and physical properties of film even for AAA structures and gives both manufacturer and customer widest range of practical and commercial possibilities.

Production capacity of the machine is usually limited with extrusion output (for typical die it is 350 to 390 kg per hour for LDPE, less for other resins like LLDPE and HDPE). Output could be limited with cooling capacity (decreases for thick film and narrow sleeves as well as by increase of temperature of cooling air) or by maximum speed of winding (usually for thin films). Output and quality of end product can be usually increased to maximum by optimization of the line to typical range of production. General rule is that the return on investment is better when range of product is narrowed.

A-60-60-60-T-1600 belongs to last generation of film blowing extrusion machines because it has:

  1. Simplified controls based on modern PLC with data operation and visualization
  2. HELIBAR extrusion low energy thermo-balanced presses with helical grooved feeding zone and very long 1:34 screws
  3. Internal bubble cooling and dual-lip external cooling ring with automatic control of web width
  4. Computer simulated fine comb high pressure extrusion head, optimized for production program
  5. Automatic winders with precision control of tension
  6. Modern frequency drive
  7. Module upgradeable structure based on reliable components

Cost factor is less then US$2000/per kg of output that is most competitive among last generation co-extrusion film making machines. Due to its power it is most suitable to serve developed markets with good demand for high quality films. The machine was aimed to achieve the best ROI (return on investments). 3-layer film are usually have noticeably higher profit margins then monolayer films. 3-layer film easily replaces monolayer film in most applications. It is hard to imagine that now and then any other machine will be able to produce film of such high quality and perceived value with lower cost. For this reason A-3 series and especially A-60-60-60-T-1600 machines are very good long term investment.

Every A3-series line is retailed to the customer needs. This quotation describes most typical composition of line parameters but it may and advised to be considered as basis for further improvement to make the line best fit to the customers market needs.

A-3 series is comprised of the following basic modules, which are being used in every machine:

  1. Feeding system, which include hoppers, loaders, dosing (volumetric or gravimetric), mixers, etc.
  2. Extrusion presses
  3. Extrusion head
  4. Polymer Filters
  5. Drives
  6. Bubble cooling air ring
  7. Internal bubble cooling
  8. Stabilizing/calibrating cage for sleeve
  9. Rotating nip rolls with collapsing frames and optional gusseting devices
  10. Edge positioning system
  11. Slitting system with cutting knives
  12. Edge trim system
  13. Auxiliary nip rolls
  14. Winder
  15. Control system
  16. Support frame (tower)
  17. Cables and wires, motor drives, etc.
  18. Auxiliary equipment such as shafts, laboratory, chillers, compressors, treaters, etc.


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