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International Association ARSENAL ENGINEERING specializes in design, development and manufacture of monolayer and multi-layer film blowing machines. The machines utilize last generation methods of extrusion dies development. This allows our customer to produce film with absolute gauge variation within 4 per cent. Previously this sort of precision was only possible by application of expensive automatic profile control systems. The company ARSENAL was created in 1998 and manufactured about 200 extruders since that time. We have mastered design and created new generation of hi end film blowing exruders thus contributed a lot to Russian plastic and packaging industry.

Our extrusion high-speed presses with helical grooved feeding zone makes film-blowing lines capable to process HD, LD, LL polyethylene, PP and their mixtures in any proportion.

Our mission is to create and to deliver to the market new generation of film blowing extruders, which produce film with high precision, fewer consumption of polymer material and energy, with stable and flexible technological processing.

The history of ARSENAL has proven both our dedication and our focus on providing customers with cutting-edge technological innovations. We manufacture all elements of the extrusion line, including presses (screws and barrels), sophisticated dies, oscillating haul-offs, temperature control systems, air rings and winders. Our high-end mechanical design, quality materials and precision assembly combined with a high level of automation make our extrusion lines highly competitive. The purchase of our extrusion lines guarantees a fast return on your investment. Furthermore, we supply single parts and assemblies to Germany and the USA.

ARSENAL OF INDUSTRY, headquartered in downtown Moscow along with one plant and three workshops in the outskirts of Moscow, brings together the expertise of over 200 industry professionals: scientists, chemists, engineers, highly skilled workmen and 30 design engineers, many of whom had been previously employed in the Russian aerospace industry, each contributing unique expertise and craftsmanship to ensure the companys constant development.

We have a unique database of specialist know-how, which allowed us to achieve perfection in the construction and assembly of our extrusion lines. In addition, using advance computer modeling software, our R&D department has developed the unique application for calculating press and die rheology Rheodesigner.

To meet the ever-increasing consumer demands, we strive to guarantee the best film quality by:

  • Gauge variation control system.
  • Die design with short flow path.
  • Screw design (providing excellent melt homogenization.)
  • The ability to handle various types of raw polymers, including recycled materials.
  • Air rings designed in co-operation with aerospace u6614547_engine companies.
  • Unique formulations adapted to the most demanding client requests.

This is one of the reasons why our partners, as well as competitors, always have a good opportunity to test and gauge variety at each show we take part in.

One of our core competences is that we are located in Russia. The Russian and East European polymer market is growing rapidly, pushing us to constantly develop in line. Moreover, our location in Russia gives us the opportunity to have globally competitive prices.

We participate in all major local and international shows, including RosUpak, Upakovka/UpakItalia, Interplastica, Industria Plastmass as well as Kunststoffmaschinen in Germany. At K-2004 and R-2006 we were the only Russian company to exhibit a monolayer and then 3-layer coextrusion lines.

Since 2017 ARSENAL concentrated on sales and services of most sophisticated and competitive polymer processing equipment.

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