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FILMOSCAN is a REAL-TIME film-measuring and gauge control system, based on a new generation of semiconductor infra-red sensors-emitters, providing precision less then a micron. This is the first and the only non-ionization device of such accuracy, speed and convenience in the world today.

The sensor measures average thickness within small size measuring spot.

The advantage of the sensor is that it has best signal to noise ratio among IR sensors.

The sensor is little dependent on ambient temperature due to stabilization of temperature (electronic cooler).

The sensor, unlike known analogues. does not require rigid mounting.

The sensor does not affected by humidity, colorants and additives, except for carbon, which may reduce precision.

The sensor s independent of surface quality, transparency, gloss and haze of the measures polymers.

There is enlarged gap between sensor and emitter and it is little sensitive to film position within the gap.

The sensor is harmless to health and environment.

The sensor has no mechanical parts except for drive.

The system needs low maintenance.


The system consists of the pair of IR sensor-emitter, synchronous-drive, mounting frame, software and hardware, cables, documents.


  • on-line thickness measurement and visualization;

  • data gathering and storage;

  • edge/width sensing and measurement.

    The comprehensive software presents all the necessary data to specialists, including film gauges history with statistic and harmonic analysis, pie chart of thickness around the bubble and much more.

    Software package has friendly and flexible interface, based on Delphy programming environment capabilities.

    The system presents the following on-screen information:

  • current film thickness;

  • maximum and minimum thickness within the measurement cycle;

  • average film thickness, statistically processed values (sigma and others);

  • frequency of thickness scanning;

  • real time self calibrated line graph of thickness;

  • thickness carpet;

  • limit thickness deviation from the chord thickness, %;

  • film thickness fluctuation;

  • editable calibration curves;

  • help screens

  • and much more.

    The system has a data gathering and storage capabilities. Detailed reports may be formed or printed on request.

    Examined material

    PE, PP, PVC, PC and some other materials.

    Thickness range, μm


    Measurement accuracy, μm


    Repeativeness, %




    Measure spot, diameter in mm

    1 to 8

    Maximum width of measurement, mm


    Speed of sensor, m per second

    0 to 5

    Ambient temperature range,


    Ambient moisture , %

    085 (without condensate)

    Design and technical parameters always improves.

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